blackjack promotions

Blackjack Promotions Let you Play for Longer

Thanks to the phenomenal proliferation of online and mobile casino sites, people who enjoy gambling now have access to their favourite games whenever and wherever the mood takes them. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, as the simple premise and limited bet options make for fast, easily followed play. At the same time, the house edge is smaller than it is in many other casino games, so smart players stand a better chance of beating the dealer more often. Adding to the allure of online blackjack, casinos frequently offer blackjack promotions that reward players for regular play.

These promotions can take the form of loyalty or VIP free-bonus rewards for gambling fans that play often, which allows them a specified number of blackjack bets for free, while still being allowed to keep any winnings they make. Casinos also hand out spot prizes on a daily, weekly or monthly bonus, which can consist of anything from free play to cash prizes, and even luxury cruises. Match promotions are another way to give players more in return for playing, in which casinos designate certain playing times, and any wins made during those times are automatically increased by a specified percentage. By taking heed of various blackjack promotions available at different casinos, dedicated players can choose the most rewarding ones, to enjoy hours more online excitement.

Change the Odds, Change the Game

Of all the blackjack promotions available, the rarest (and the ones that blackjack masters are most on the lookout for) are those that alter the game’s usual payouts or betting options. The reason why these specific player incentives occur so infrequently is that they can offer players a significant advantage; in fact, a slight miscalculation of the odds when setting promotional payouts can actually tip the edge in favour of the players, rather than the house.

Long-time gamblers have all heard some disastrous horror stories (from the casino’s point of view), involving marketing executives with a shaky grasp of probability maths who committed their casinos to 24-hour blackjack promotions that enabled experienced players to take the house to the cleaners; stunts like paying 2-1 for a natural blackjack hand instead of the normal 3-2, for instance, or allowing players to triple down on bets they would usually only be able to double down on. Less dramatic tweaks to betting rules or payout odds, however, can still give players a discernible advantage without removing the house’s edge completely, so players who want to make the most of their online card skills should make use of these types of blackjack promotions whenever they find them.

Endless Variety Available

There are now literally hundreds of mobile and online casinos to choose from, offering blackjack games in a number of versions specifically coded for different devices, so players can pick the one designed to play optimally on their chosen device. You can play for free, never risking your own money and betting and winning credits alone, at any free casino. If you do prefer to wager real stakes for the chance of real-money wins, those options abound too.

Players who register at several different casinos give themselves a wider range of incentive bonuses to choose from, so the more they play, the more blackjack promotions they will be able to take advantage of.