Roman Riches

Roman Riches by MicroGaming

There are many different kinds of slots out there to play. Many have loads of extras such as second screen bonus rounds and free spins and scatter symbols. Roman Riches has none of these. This is a classic, slot done in the simplest of styles. There are no frills, no extras.

All you get is pure spinning reel experience. Due to this lack of features, this slot will only appeal to a small percentage of the populace. Possibly those who love the simplistic side of life. The standing jackpot in Roman Riches is a mind boggling 5000 coins, so that isn’t much of a draw either. Coin values range from 0.2 up to 5, which is pretty standard. The paylines are adjustable, but the 5000 coin jackpot is only available when playing all of them.

Roman Theme

The theme of Roman Riches is very definitely one of the ancient Roman civilisation. Although, this being said, there are actually very few Roman themed items in the actual slot. The Roman Empire existed around 2000 years ago, and as very famous for a number of things, including artwork, architecture, and plumbing. Of course a large part of creating an empire involves pillaging those that you conquer, and taking all their treasures and riches for yourself, hence the theme of the slot.

Classic Graphics

Roman Riches was created during a very specific era in Microgaming’s history, and as such has a layout that is quite different to most of the slots we see today. The reels are located in the top left hand corner, with the paytable shown on the same screen to the right. Taking up the rest of the space is the slots background, which is an unknown Roman Emperor shown in statue form alongside a pile of gold coins. Behind the gold statue and coins is a blue gradient, and that’s pretty much it for aesthetics. The symbols themselves are very basic; there is no 3D excitement here.

Classic Symbols

Roman Riches has symbols taken from the classic style of slots. This does mean that almost none of them are actually theme based.  There are very few of them too, with only single, double and triple bars as well as Sevens gracing the reels. The Sevens do have a nod toward the theme with a laurel wreath adorning them.

The only special symbol in the game is also the only theme based one, which is a golden head of the Emperor featured below, presumably Augustus. As Roman Riches has no scatters or any other special symbols, this wild will take the place of any symbol in the game. It is also the games highest paying symbol being worth 5000x your line stake, but only if found five in a row on the very bottom line from left to right. This is why it is recommended to play with all of the paylines in Roman Riches if you want to get the jackpot. As well as this the prizes increase with each active payline.